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photo essay

Lait cru

By On 21 June 2021

Having moved from New Zealand to France, I had to say good bye to some of my favourite foodie things – feijoas, good coffee, [All Press], popped buckwheat cereal [Blue Frog], ‘smoke and fire’ peanut butter [Fix and…

photo essay

À la Terrasse

By On 30 May 2021

Paris is now allowing outside dining. Galleries and Museums are also open again. We had some free time before a meeting and wondered around the Gare de Lyon area. This train station is one of Paris [and Europe’s]…

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La Flotte en Ré

By On 19 May 2021

La Flotte or ‘the fleet ‘is one of the oldest villages on Ill de Ré with authentic charm on the Atlantic coast. This idyllic village is classified as ‘Les plus beaux Villages’ – ‘the most beautiful villages’ in…

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macarons et roses

By On 5 February 2021

I bought some roses to welcome our house guest, Willow. [I am creating a blog post about Willow’s vegan diet which had us making some delicious new recipes from Nadia Lim’s Vegful as well as rediscovering Anna Jones…

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Mont d’Or

By On 19 November 2020

A seasonal cheese, only made in Autumn and Winter, thanks to the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, who determines the regulations for making cheese in France. It can only be sold from Sept 10, after it has matured for three…

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Cannes Summer

By On 16 September 2020

They say a lot can change in a year, and it has. Two years actually. My last blog post was written in New Zealand and this one is written in France. The whole world has experienced a pandemic…

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Galette des Rois

By On 6 January 2019

I love cultural food traditions! In France Epiphany [Jan 6th], is celebrated with a delicious frangipane filled puff pastry cake called La Galette des Rois or the Cake of the King, a 700 year old tradition. Boulangeries and…

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Bula Fiji !

By On 8 November 2018

Fiji is a South Pacific gem and the tropical holiday we really needed. We love Auckland, but not so much its Winter. So we hopped on a plane, sun hats in place [yeah we were that family with…

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Sweet Happy Birthday

By On 4 November 2018

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl. Every year I photograph Nina to create a memory of each new birthday. I loved styling and photographing this year’s sweet theme. I baked and frosted for days, buttercream icing is…

photo essay


By On 2 October 2018

Glasshouses are magical places. They create their own climate that can enable certain crops to grow throughout the year. The French called their first glasshouses orangeries, they were used to protect orange trees from freezing. The Victorian era…

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By On 23 September 2018

Mooncakes are stuffed Chinese pastries enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn festival, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th Chinese lunar calendar month. This year it is today – 24 September. The festival celebrates the harvest under a…

photo essay / recipe

Spring popsicles

By On 2 September 2018

Spring means longer warmer days with open toes, picnics, blossoms and popsicles. Here are my favourite popsicles and recipes, which we made on Spring Day! Happy Spring everyone! 1. Watermelon popsicles with yoghurt You will need: 3 cups…

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By On 27 August 2018

Sunday brunch is incomplete without toast topped with marmalade and cheddar cheese and a strong cup of tea. When we moved to New Zealand I quickly fell in love with the citrus here and Sunday brunch has become…

photo essay


By On 11 June 2018

We went for a drive in the countryside on a rainy Winter’s afternoon, but quickly pulled off to the side of the road when I spotted an orchard of amazing glowing orange fruit. We always travel with our…

photo essay

Amour en cage

By On 5 February 2018

My granny had a magical plant in her backyard, it had little golden tomato like fruits hidden in fragile little husk houses. The French named the fruit ‘Amour en cage’ – love in a cage. We used to…

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Strawberry Summer

By On 4 January 2018

A highlight of our “stay at home” holiday so far is picking and eating our own strawberries from a nearby strawberry farm. The farm is open to the public after the professional pickers got their share [for export],…

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Rhododendron / Rose Tree

By On 22 October 2017

These pretty pink clusters of pink greet me whenever Im looking out my kitchen window making a cup of tea. Flemish botanist Charles l’Ecluse discovered them in the 16th century. They are the national flower of Nepal.

Editorial / photo essay

Colourful Stir-fries

By On 26 June 2017

I just loved shooting and styling this stir-fry feature for Nadia magazine June/July 2017. Recipes included Beef and beet stir-fry with greens, Chicken, bacon and brussels sprout stir-fry, Pork and fresh pineapple stir-fry with cashew and coconut dressing,…

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Happy Bright Easter

By On 14 April 2017

My daughter Nina made a beautiful bright Easter egg basket at school- I loved the bright colours and our Easter party table reflected her colour craft masterpiece. Chocolate hot cross bun “cake”, loads of chocolate eggs, mini cupcakes…

photo essay

Cheese month

By On 2 December 2016

  October is cheese month in New Zealand. We met some amazing buffalo cheese makers on assignment in Whangaripo and they gave us some beautiful cheese! I will post more about their farm, family and cheese soon. I…