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Haute-Savoie Christmas

By On 31 December 2021

[ot sa vwa] There are 3 reasons to head to Haute-Savoie, a department in France with the largest mountain range, known for the many ski resorts. Number 1 – the mountains…the hills are alive.. 2 – the lakes,…



By On 11 May 2021

Everyone has a bolognaise recipe. Some use pork mince, red wine, white wine, chicken stock, beef stock, sage, nutmeg ….. I’m sharing my bolognaise recipe, which my daughter thinks is one of my best dishes. She also knows…


Vegan days

By On 31 March 2021

Oat milk, miso paste, soya sauce, coconut milk, chickpeas, lentils, olives, aubergines, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, lemons, chilli, olive oil, peanut butter, tahini and maple syrup – My essential vegan shopping list. I’ve been cooking vegan these past…


Kitty’s trifle

By On 23 December 2020

The word trifle derives from the French word ‘trufle’ – which means “something whimsical” or “of little consequence.” Kitty never knew this. But her festive trifle lived up to its origin and then layered on the extra, more…


Christmas panettone

By On 15 December 2020

Panettone is the perfect Christmas gift. I gifted myself two. One panettone, two panettoni. This Italian yeast-leavened sweet bread/cake makes its appearance during the Festive season. Stanislao Porzio, food commentator and panettone expert explains: “Panettone, as we know it…

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Mont d’Or

By On 19 November 2020

A seasonal cheese, only made in Autumn and Winter, thanks to the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, who determines the regulations for making cheese in France. It can only be sold from Sept 10, after it has matured for three…


the KIR

By On 19 September 2020

One of France’s signature drinks, the Kir, an elegant aperitif, has become my favourite wine cocktail. The Kir cocktail is made with one part crème de cassis, or blackcurrant liqueur, and four/five parts chilled dry white wine. One…


Olive love

By On 16 March 2019

We love olives, which are technically a fruit. If we had a tree we would preserve our own, as I was taught on a shoot, but for now we will just make this delicious tapenade with ready to…

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Berry Brioche

By On 7 March 2019

  Brioche is my kind of Viennoiserie. “Traditional viennoiserie are made from white wheat flour and use packaged yeast cultures. These active cultures cause the quick rise of the dough, creating the perfect flakiness when it is baked….


The last batch

By On 29 December 2018

The last batch of fruit mince pies was baked this morning. This is usually the best batch, with all the careful adjustments of this season’s recipe. This will be the recipe I pass onto my daughter. Dark chocolate,…


Christmas Day Jam

By On 12 December 2018

Christmas day jam makes Christmas extra sweet. This is Jo Wilcox’s Christmas Day Jam and it features in the latest Nadia magazine Dec/Jan 2019. Jam making is actually so simple, I made this batch last week and it…


Cherries and bundts

By On 30 November 2018

It is cherry season in New Zealand, which means Christmas is around the corner. Have you baked your Christmas cake yet? I love a rich fruit cake with marzipan for Christmas. This buttermilk bundt cake recipe is topped…


Summer drinks

By On 19 October 2018

It is Friday and undoubtedly Summer today. It’s also a long weekend, so here is my Summer Long Weekend PIMMS cocktail recipe. You can also just get the stylish ready to drink bottles and garnish with fresh cucumber,…

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Spring popsicles

By On 2 September 2018

Spring means longer warmer days with open toes, picnics, blossoms and popsicles. Here are my favourite popsicles and recipes, which we made on Spring Day! Happy Spring everyone! 1. Watermelon popsicles with yoghurt You will need: 3 cups…

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By On 27 August 2018

Sunday brunch is incomplete without toast topped with marmalade and cheddar cheese and a strong cup of tea. When we moved to New Zealand I quickly fell in love with the citrus here and Sunday brunch has become…



By On 5 May 2018

Chestnut season in New Zealand is March until May. I found these organic Johnny Moo chestnuts at my grocer and decided to roast them and celebrate Autumn. It could not be easier, cut a slit in the shell,…

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Weekend mushrooms

By On 13 April 2018

Weekends are for easy but delicious meals. I photographed this easy recipe for Nadia magazine. Turkish flatbread with mushrooms, mozzarella, chilli, hummus, garlic and red onion, it will only take 30 minutes to make. Simply brush the flatbreads…


Blackboy Peach

By On 11 March 2018

  Blackboy peaches are in season! It is not a hybrid plum-peach, it is an actual peach variety. Their pretty dark velvet skin and fleshy inside make them my favourite peach. Her is an awesome jam recipe which…


Nina’s Valentine’s Cake

By On 13 February 2018

So, Nina has made her first cake! A pink Valentine’s lemon, almond and raspberry cake. It’s an “adapted from an adapted” recipe from The Caker. Adapted because we didn’t have 300g almond meal and we used yoghurt instead…

Editorial / recipe

Walnut tapenade

By On 3 May 2017

I can eat nuts on and in everything- salads, meat, chocolate, porridge and ice cream! Walnuts and Macadamias are delicious eaten fresh, but this walnut tapenade is so good, I had to share it. Read the whole article…


My favourite Indian dish

By On 22 January 2017

Three words. ALMOND CRUSTED PANEER. I’d choose this dish over chocolate ganache cake any day, and I LOVE cake. My dear friend Yudhika Sujanani [] introduced me to this treasure while I was shooting her book Memoirs –…


Mulled wine

By On 29 December 2016

  Who likes warm wine with spices? I do! It’s so Christmasy and it smells delicious. I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph this spicy mulled wine and Copper Kettle Kumara Crisps – my favourite snack!…