I just loved shooting and styling this stir-fry feature for Nadia magazine June/July 2017. Recipes included Beef and beet stir-fry with greens, Chicken, bacon and brussels sprout stir-fry, Pork and fresh pineapple stir-fry with cashew and coconut dressing, and Prawn and courgette pad thai-style noodles. What I love about stir-fries is that you can use whatever fresh vegetables you have, add a protein, some noodles or rice and your favourite sauce, dinner sorted. Here are my stir-fry tips thanks to wok master Grace Young : flat-bottomed wok [carbon steel], cut your meat in small pieces across the grain and coat with seasoning and oil, wash and dry your veggies well, heat your wok first – then add your peanut or veg oil, don’t crowd the wok – no more than 340g meat, and 4 cups vegetables, use good quality rice wine, soy and oyster sauce, swirl liquids in from the side of the wok -this will deglaze the pan and won’t lower the temperature of wok, allow meat to fry for 1 min before turning. Enjoy immediately !