Autumn’s little egg shaped gifts of Feijoa are what I’m eating just about everyday. Originally from South Brazil, this aromatic fruit is available mid March to early June. Im lucky enough to have a tree in my garden which produces a good amount of them. The flower is so pretty and the resulting fruit tastes like guava, apple, mint and pineapple- depending on who you ask. New Zealand has many varieties, early, mid and late season. I love to just scoop out the flesh and enjoy them fresh, but they also taste great in cakes, chutneys and dried- so you can enjoy them all year round. I visited a Feijoa producer in Nelson, Rivington Farm, and I was amazed at the size of some of them. Rivington Farm produces dried feijoa – ‘Little beauties’ – my daughter’s favourite way to enjoy them. Read more about the farm and get some Feijoa recipes in the latest TASTE magazine. Im definitely a Feijoa fan.