One of my favourite commissions is called Backyard Abundance for Nadia magazine. Each article features a food and fun craft idea with ‘in season’ produce. We used herbs in our latest article and Tracey experimented with flower, citrus and herby teas. There is so much creative freedom when making your own tea, it is up to you- do you like citrus? mint? sage? Just play with the amounts and combinations till it works for you. My mum taught me to make a fresh sage, ginger, honey tea, which is my sore throat life saver. Here is the recipe for our Lemon Balm citrus tea : [find other cool herb ideas in the latest Nadia magazine]

Makes 1 cup of tea

2 teaspoons dried lemon balm leaves

2 teaspoons dried pineapple sage flowers

3-4 small pieces dried citrus zest

Add everything to a small teapot, cover with boiling water and infuse for 2 minutes. Sweeten with a little honey if desired.

We made our own teabags too, using muslin and fine leather string. This could also make a neat little gift!