You can add watermelon to anything and it will be a good thing. I remember my first watermelon and feta cheese salad, I was like : what?! this is delicious! Watermelon has to be in my top 5 fruits – so I was very excited to see this baby watermelon- really a teeny one, at our local food store. I had to make the most of it, so I made a salad, smoothie and a drink! The salad was Israeli couscous with cucumber, tomatoes, feta, sprouts, pesto and watermelon. So easy, simply rehydrate the couscous by simmering it for 10 min on the stove. The smoothie bowl is my basic smoothie mix- greek yoghurt, milk, banana, raw oats and almonds plus watermelon all blended together, topped with yummy bits. I made some homemade ginger beer and added watermelon juice to it and voila – Watermelon ginger beer ! Do you eat the pips? I do, I love everything about it. My granny used to boil the skins in syrup- Im going to investigate this next!