I love Summer, especially the long days, easy dinners outside and rosé, but September mornings are crisper and the evenings are shorter. Last night we had a beautiful evening and it was reason enough to set up dinner outside in our backyard, come Winter we will move into the greenhouse, but for now we are enjoying the warm evenings outside with our beautiful background of the église. I’ve included the recipe for the quiche Lorraine I made at the end of the post.

Quiche Lorraine

best served at room temperature

5 eggs, 20cl cream, 150g bacon bits, 25g grated cheese, shortcrust pastry.

You will need a 22cm baking dish. Bake your pastry blind. Mix the eggs and cream, turn oven to 190 deg C, place the rack in the middle. Sprinkle cheese and bacon on the base, and pour the egg-cream mixture over. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Cool on wire rack.

Easy! In France they sell cream in 20cl containers and bacon diced up in 150g packets – like the know its for a quiche L ! I used Comté cheese, cause I always have that. I did make my own pastry, because I had all the ingredients and I was too lazy to go to the store to buy pre-made [but then took two hours to make pastry : 0 – ha !]

My daughter loves this quiche and it was even better for breakfast today.