I have beautiful mint growing in my garden, the bees and I are loving the pretty lavender blue flowers, these are edible and I don’t trim them. You can make a herb tea with the flower heads. My recipe for Mint and Melon ice lollies is so easy, just blend and freeze! If you like ginger be sure to add it.

Mint Melon Ice Lollies


Half a honeydew melon – 315g scooped and chopped

Half a cucumber – 175g chopped

1 Apple – 85g chopped, core removed

1 Large handful of mint

Freshly grated ginger – 8g



Cut the melon in half and scoop out the seeds, add the flesh to your food processor, add the cucumber [skin on], mint, ginger and apple [skin on]. Blend till smooth. Pour into your ice mould and freeze overnight.

The mixture is quite thick so my ice cream sticks stood up easily in the moulds.

Makes 8 ice lollies.